Cynthia Sylvester

My name is Cynthia Sylvester, I am owner of Original CynSations.

I sorry but I have never been treated so horrible at any restaurant in my entire life, as iIwas at the Casa Bella in Little Italy. Honestly, forget the fact that the food is extremely overpriced for what they give you, the portions were very small, the ingredients cheap, and normally for 20 bucks you get salad, pasta, and an entree and at this place, you pay 20 bucks for a small piece of eggplant with sauce from a can. Birkenstock Sandal forget those facts, becuase all of it doenst even compare to the fact that the waitstaff can afford to be rude and not fill water, and take their time because apparently they add 20% gratuity to every check.
Much of my early work was given as gifts to friends and family. As interest in my work grew, I began selling to individuals and then at craft fairs.
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